Our Story

“From my time visiting thousands of Dentists around Sydney and Interstate I’ve had the opportunity to really chat to the Dentists themselves, get to know them and find out what equipment they are lacking, what they actually need and the budget constraints they have to work with.

Many of the smaller country practices don’t have the high turnovers and cash flow that larger city practices have so the Owners/Dentists/Practice Managers have to be more frugal with their $$’s.
In open conversations many have said that they would definitely buy second-hand handpieces if there was a reputable Company around that sold them.

So that’s what I have created with Handpiece Traders, using DDS (Dental Drill Solutions) as the backbone for its quality repairs.


We are the biggest Reconditioned Handpiece Company in the world!”.

Dental Drill Solutions carries out all the repairs and refurbishing of the handpieces shown on the Handpiece Traders online store, so you can be assured of quality parts fitted and valid warranties.

Do not hesitate to call us on 1300 220 300 if you have any questions or requests for makes or models not currently shown in the store. We can try to source handpieces to suit your specific requirements.

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