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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy reconditioned?

If you can't afford to buy brand new then this is the next best thing!

  • Are you planning on expanding your practice? Employing extra Dentists & need more handpieces?

  • Are you a Student that cannot afford to buy new?

  • Where else can you get up to 3 handpieces for the price of 1?

  • Need to budget and spread your hard earned dollars across many facets of the business?

  • Want less frequent handpiece repair bills?

  • Looking for a particular make or model that is now discontinued?

  • Need more handpieces in your inventory to reduce the number of autoclave cycles per day, freeing up more time for your assistants?


...But I can buy a
cheap new
handpiece off eBay?

With Handpiece Traders you are buying GENUINE Brands well known and trusted in the Dental industry - not fakes or cheaply manufactured foreign handpieces regularly found on online auctions.

Some handpieces we list are virtually brand new or are ex-demo stock.

You would be taking a very high risk, with the emphasis being on "Cheap" and "eBay". We frequently hear about the cheap handpieces only lasting a few months. They are often unrepairable or uneconomical to repair with quality parts.


You are just throwing good money away!

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What is the
Warranty term?

Each handpiece listing will state its individual warranty term.

Generally 3 months parts and labour warranty apply to all High Speed and Low Speed Handpieces that have been refurbished.

This warranty does NOT include that of any damage incurred or from dropping, tampering, poor maintenance or mis-handling.

How much does shipping cost?

Within Australia: Up to 1 kg shipping (including packaging) is a flat rate of $15 to all locations.

To New Zealand: Up to 1kg shipping (including packaging) is a flat rate of AU$35 to all locations.

All our items have transit insurance for Australian & New Zealand sales.

Worldwide Shipping is a flat rate of AU$70.

What's the difference between Pre-owned
& Refurbished dental handpieces?

That is a great question!

Refurbished handpieces are as described. They have been fixed and carry a 3 month warranty on parts and labour.

Pre-owned handpieces have undergone strict test procedures and have passed to be sold as is. Standard 3 months warranty applies, parts and labour.

What is the
return policy?

Please ensure this item is compatible with your equipment prior to purchasing.

If you have any questions please email us to discuss your chair/unit set up to ensure you are buying the correct item for the intended use.

We do not refund for a change of mind.

If a handpiece encounters mechanical failure within its warranty term then we can organise for it to be repaired.

How do I change over to a different high speed brand?

If you wish to change the brand of your high speed handpieces then all you need to do is change your quick connect coupler.

Many dentists inherit old brands from previous owners, and have their own favourites they prefer the feel of, yet do not know that it's really simple to change the high speed line across to a 6 pin (optic) coupler or 4 pin (non-optic).

RRP $ Price Approximations

The RRP Prices displayed on each individual listing are approximate.
We have tried to source the original list price online and through older publications for discontinued lines.

DISCLAIMER: Handpiece Traders is in no way affiliated with, or represent any of the brands of products that we sell.

Information written about each item is purely based on our own opinion of that item from a repairs point of view, formed from our extensive experience and knowledge of repairing dental equipment over the last two decades.

All prices listed exclude GST.

Australian goods and services tax does not apply to New Zealand or Rest of the World purchases.
Any Customs Import Charges are payable at your own expense.

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