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Handpiece Traders is the #1 Refurbished Dental Handpiece Store in the world.

We offer the same great (Genuine) makes and models

but at a fraction of the cost.
All handpieces are fully reconditioned and ready for you.

Worldwide Shipping Available


Our Story

“From my time visiting thousands of Dentists around Sydney and Interstate I’ve had the opportunity to really chat to the Dentists themselves, get to know them and find out what equipment they are lacking, what they actually need and the budget constraints they have to work with.

Many of the smaller country practices don’t have the high turnovers and cash flow that larger city practices have so the Owners/Dentists/Practice Managers have to be more frugal with their $$’s.
In open conversations many have said that they would definitely buy second-hand handpieces if there was a reputable Company around that sold them.

So that’s what I have taken on board and created with Handpiece Traders, using DDS (Dental Drill Solutions) as the backbone for its quality repairs.


We are the biggest Reconditioned Handpiece Company in the world!”.

Troy Garvin, Director, Handpiece Traders

Dental Drill Solutions
carries out all the repairs and refurbishing of the handpieces shown on the Handpiece Traders online store, so you can be assured of quality parts fitted and valid warranties.

Do not hesitate to call us on 1300 220 300 if you have any questions or requests for makes or models not currently shown in the store. We can try to source handpieces to suit your specific requirements.

What Our Happy Clients Say have always been there to guide us in choosing the best dental handpiece solutions for our particular situation. Not selling us commission based items but actually
what we need at a competitive rate.

Highly recommend their tailored

solutions and after care.

I’ll take two of the slow speed handpieces please. Do you have any recon. HS handpieces for sale... I need a couple of those too… I’ll definitely take some of those.

Can you give me a brief 'idiots guide' to
the difference between them please – I know the torque head is bigger than standard but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes!

In addition to having these fantastic
new you have any
low speeds available?

- Hash P, VIC

- Andy H, NSW

- Katie W, ACT

Can I have some more of the
NSK high speeds please?

The last ones were great,
just need some more!

- Ronita S, NSW

Very happy. Packed very beautifully &  quality handpieces with the best prices. Thank you Handpiece Traders.

Highly recommend! 

- Kristina F, VIC

Perfect for what we need and at a reasonable price point too.
Shipping was fast and well presented. 

- William W, SA

Handpiece Happiness...  Try It For Yourself?

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